2nd Dia-versarry

A few weeks ago, one day before I turned 26, I had my second diaversarry. Two days before that, I had my first A1C check that included only time I had been using an insulin pump.

To check your A1C at my endo, the assistant takes a blood sample, sticks it into the machine in the exam room, then walks out. The machine counts down from 7 minutes. The second I’m alone in there, I become Cookie Monster in the Siri commercial.

This time, my husband couldn’t come to the doctor with me for distraction during this very countdown, so I waited alone and tried to read on my phone for as many seconds at a time as possible before I peeked back at the machine. I’m pretty sure I didn’t breathe the whole 7 minutes.

When the countdown was over, a 6.5 popped up. This is a HUGE milestone for me. I’ve never been below 7.0 and have wavered up to 7.6 in the two years since dx at 14.1.

For months I’ve been texting my friends and family #roadto6.5 whenever I go for a walk or to a Zumba class. I can’t believe I actually hit my goal just two days before I hit the two year mark with diabetes. I honestly believed it would take another 6 months to move the A1C marker down that low (partly because data from my CGM predicted an A1C of 7.0)

So I celebrated the dia-versarry, the A1C, and my birthday with a mid-day cupcake. This is definitely not an end point, but I feel amazing to have come so far and so lucky to have access to a doctor who meets my needs (finally), technology that gives me information and control (finally) and a huge team of supporters (have had since the very second the doctor called me two years ago <3).

Diabetes, I wish we weren’t in a relationship. But we are. I can’t break up with you, so I guess we’ll find a way to make it work over the next 60 years or so. If you can’t be with the healthy body you love, love the imperfect-but-trying-so-hard body you’re with.


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