The Healthcare Experience – #DBlog Day 4

Most people who live with a chronic illness end up with a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with healthcare. How would you improve or change your healthcare experience? What would you like to see happening during medical visits with your healthcare team? How about when dealing with your health insurance companies? What’s your Healthcare Wish List or Biggest Frustration? Today is the day to share it all!

My Healthcare Wishlist

Editor’s note: Please do not bring me down with discussions of the reality of having a financially viable, sustainable system.

  1. My endocrinologist has reviewed my charts before I get there and has suggestions for problem times.
  2. She listens to my suggestions, too, and respects my opinion.
  3. I can see a dietitian whenever I want. I have to go at least once a year. My insurance covers this with a reasonable co-pay.
  4. I can email my doctor and hear back from her that day.
  5. I spend less than $100/month on diabetes.
  6. If I go into DKA and have to be hospitalized, no one tells me “insulin is the key to the cell.” In fact, people never tell me that after one month post diagnosis.
  7. My progress and expertise is recognized in every medical situation.
  8. Every person who works in healthcare (and the rest of the people in the world) get that every person’s diabetes is different.
  9. Waiting rooms have snacks with the carb counts clearly posted. Preferably these snacks are sweets and everyone gets that I can have them so no one has anything to say about it.
  10. BG meters come with 10 test strips.
  11. People stop suggesting a stupid sliding scale.
  12. I get to continue wearing my pump and controlling (or at least having a large say in the control of) my diabetes during any other medical situations, like hospitalizations.
  13. Old people will stop saying “she’s a real bad diabetic” when they talk abut me.
  14. My doctors all have a common charting system where they can easily see when I last visited a certain specialist, their notes, etc.
  15. All my doctors will either schedule 8:00 appointments with me forever, or they’ll work out a magic system where I go quickly from one of them to the other and never wait.

4 thoughts on “The Healthcare Experience – #DBlog Day 4

  1. Did I read right on your post that you have an individual health insurance plan? YIKES. At least mine is through my husband’s job at a big hospital, so the plan itself isn’t crazy expensive. Maybe some day we’ll get the costs down that much 🙂


  2. oh my gosh- as i was first reading this, i overlooked the very top where it said it was a wish list. but it didn’t take me long to figure out, this cannot be real. i’m sorry it isn’t and i wish that it was.


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